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Self-employed status?

Increasingly we come across foreigners who have no residence permit and are self-employed.

There are also many foreigners who are legally self-employed. Some do so because they want to have their own business and to be their own boss. Some of them also have self- employed status because someone proposed it to them, or because that way it is easier for them to work legally in Belgium. In reality, they are not truly in charge of their own work. Suite often these persons get serious problems and do not know where to go.

This brochure is meant for migrant workers, with or without documents, who at some point receive an offer to become self-employed, or who are thinking about setting up their own business.

The brochure lists the rules and the pitfalls. It helps you to make good choices whenever you receive a specific work offer. It tells you about your rights and duties, whether you work legally or illegally, whether you are truly self-employed or not.

The brochure also exists in Dutch, French and other languages.

These documents are in pdf format and can be read with the adobe program. I you cannot open them, you can download the adobe acrobat program for free on