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What questions can you ask OR.C.A.?

A Governmental Instruction of July 19, 2009 has defined new criteria for the regularisation of undocumented migrants. Some of these criteria are permanent, others only apply for demands introduced between September 15 and December 15 2009.

Residence permits are not OR.C.A.'s specialism. For general questions on regularisation we would like to refer you to the websites of VMC: (in Dutch) or ADDE (in French).

2.8.B of the Instruction: a regularisation based on a work contract

We do have special attention for (problems with) work permits and the situation of workers whose residence permit depends on their work. Therefore we will closely follow up on the situation of workers who applied for regularisation based on point 2.8.B of the Governmental Instruction. This point stipulates that from September 15 until December 15 2009, undocumented migrants who have lived in Belgium since before 31 March 2007, and moreover can produce a work contract that respects a series of strict conditions, can obtain a work permit B and a residence permit for 1 year (renewable). The deadline for applications has passed, but the processing of the applications will take some time and holders of the permit B will need to renew the permit for several years to come.

OR.C.A. has done a lot of advocacy work on this issue in the past years, with the Forum on Asylum and Migration (FAM). We have talked to policy makers and expressed our concerns on the idea of a regularisation through work. You can find a few positions of OR.C.A. and FAM on this website in French and Dutch.

What should my contract look like?

Have you found an employer? Certainly read our tips and information on signing a work contract! These informations can also be printed in PDF or Word. Organisations are free to distribute them and to add below the useful addresses in their region. 

You can also download and print the poster on the right. It wants to warn people for unfair and risky proposals.

Information for domestic workers

Domestic workers and their employers who are in the procedure of regularisation: please contact Omar Garcia for personal questions and information sessions at omar.garcia(at), 02/204.06.34


OR.C.A. will, together with FAM, continue to follow up on this regularisation campaign with policy makers. If you would like to mention certain difficulties you encounter concerning the regularisation through work, you can contact us at  info(at), 02/274.14.31.

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