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Your work contract

From 15th of September till 15th of December, undocumented migrants will have the opportunity to ask for the regularisation of their stay on the basis of a work contract (Instruction of 19/07/2009, point 2.8.b. See (in French) or (in Dutch) for more information).

Nevertheless, a work contract is more than a mere way of regularisation. It is also, and most of all, an agreement defining the circumstances in which you will work. It is therefore very important that your contract is correct.

  • A work contract protects your salary and your workplace rights. 
  • The authorities will check if your work contract is genuine and if your employer respects the rules. Only then you may obtain a work permit and get regularized. This control will also happen when you will ask for a renewal of your residence and/or work permit. A correct work contract, respected by your employer, is therefore the best guarantee for regularisation and for a future renewal of your residence permit. 

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