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Organisation for Undocumented Workers

Domestic Workers

What are your rights?

All domestic workers that live and work in Belgium have labour rights, just like any other worker. Even if you are undocumented

In Belgium three different work statuses exist for those who work as domestic workers, each one with its own labour provisions. For more information about these statuses, click on its name: 


 Are you a migrant domestic worker without regular residence? Click HERE


What can OR.C.A. do for you?

Due to the especially vulnerable situation in which most domestic workers live, this group of workers has received special attention from OR.C.A. since 2009.

OR.C.A.  provides support and orientation to domestic workers through two different ways:

  • Helpdesk: If you are a domestic worker (with or without regular residence) and you are having problems with your employer or you simply have a doubt concerning your labour rights, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us:

           - Tel. 02/204.06.34 or 0494/18.82.40

             (Monday and Wednesday  9:00 – 13:00hrs, and Thursday  14:00-16:00)

           - Email:

                - or  Orca Work


  • OR.C.A. WORK: We organise every Sunday in the centre of Brussels, a series of activities aimed exclusively to domestic workers (with or without regular residence) and au pairs. The participants can  follow free language lessons, training in labour rights and to take part in socio-cultural activities. You can also talk about your problems while meeting new friends. All activities and information are provided in English and Spanish.

          If you want more information about these activities or you want to sign up, click on the logo:



 Brochures and Publications

To have an overview of OR.C.A.’s brochures and publications for domestic workers, please click HERE.