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Au Pairs

While living in Belgium, an au pair stays with a host family, and she/he is neither a babysitter nor a live-in maid. So an au pair is not a worker, she/he comes to Belgium to know more about its culture and to learn a language (Dutch, French or German).

 Here are the conditions to be an Au pair:

  • You must be at least 18 years old and younger than 26 on the day your host-family request your work permit B (Non-EU citizens) or on the day that you communicate your stay to the City Hall (EU citizens).
  • You can only perform light household tasks for the host family.
  • You have to be registered/or have access to higher education in your home country or prove that you’ve been to school, continuously, until the age of seventeen.
  • You have a basic knowledge of the host family’s language or enrol yourself in an intensive language course to learn it.
  • You will have to follow a course to learn the language of the region where you’re staying. So, you learn Dutch in Flanders, French in Wallonia and German in the German-speaking Community. In Brussels you can choose between Dutch or French.
  • You’ve never had a work permit B in Belgium before.


There are also conditions that the host family needs to fulfil:

  • They have to offer you a personal room and free access to the house.
  • They need to provide you with health insurance that covers ALL expenses (consultations, medicines, hospitalization, etc.). 
  • They must give you at least one full day-off every week.
  • You should be able to partake in services of your preferred religion.
  • You have to receive at least €450 pocket money, which has to be transferred into a bank account in your name. (This is the minimum, your host-family can always give you more)
  • The family has at least one child that is younger than the age of 13 years on the day of your arrival in the family.
  • The family has to arrange childcare during the day for all the children younger than 6 years.
  • Every senior member of the family needs a certificate of good conduct.
  • They need to have an insurance to cover the costs of your repatriation in case of an illness or accident.
  • They have to grant access to civil officers in their house.


The host family can't ask you to work  more than four hours a day and twenty hours a week. In other words:  Working isn’t the main objective of your stay. You are not an employee. As an au pair you just help the family you are staying with.



  • To be able to come to Belgium, the au pair (both non-EU and EU citizens) and the host family must sign a model contract which will be provided by the City Hall.
  • When the conditions of the Au pair stay aren’t fulfilled, the Belgian government will consider you as a domestic worker.  In that case you will have their same labour rights and you should receive the same salary.
  • A non-EU Au Pair will receive a work permit B to be able to stay in Belgium. This permit is valid for one year and cannot be renewed!!
  • Even though EU Au Pairs don’t need to ask for a work permit. It’s mandatory for them to communicate their stay to the City Hall so they can receive a Belgian residence card.
  • If you are an EU Au pair and you didn’t sign a model contract, then YOU ARE NOT AN AU PAIR. In this case you are working as a Live-in domestic worker and you should be paid the corresponding minimum salary and enjoy the same legal labour benefits.
  • When a host-family doesn’t respect your rights as an au pair or mistreat you, you can file a complaint against them to the labour inspection and they will be prosecuted.



Do you need help?
  • If you have problems with your host-family or you have questions about your rights, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us:

            - By Telephone: 02 204 06 34 or  0494/ 18 82 40

              (Mondays and Wednesdays 9:00 – 13:00hrs and Thrusdays 14:00 – 16:00hrs)

            -  By email:

             - Or become our friend in Orca Work



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 OR.C.A.  is NOT an au pair agency. We won't be able to help you to find a host-family.

OR.C.A. can help you when you have a problem as an au pair.