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Tell us your story

Are you a foreign (undocumented) worker and would you like to share your experience with other workers, with the visitors of this website? Send us your story and we will publish it here. Tell us your nationality, your age and what you want to share concerning working as an undocumented worker.

We might permit ourselves to shorten certain stories, to adapt them or even to refuse them. You will get the opportunity to verify the changes before the publication on the website.

Note: these stories are based on information received directly or indirectly from third persons. Certain stories have been adapted for editorial reasons or to guarantee the anonymity of the workers in question. OR.C.A. can not be held responsible for the correctness of the information. The aim of these stories is to give an image of what it is like to work as a foreign and/or undocumented worker in Belgium, and to give workers the possibility to share their experiences with others.